'Life's a dance, you learn as you go' - John Michael Montgomery

Country dancing has a long history starting with the migration of European settlers, bringing their music and culture to the New world.  
A book from 1939 called, Cowboy Dances,written by Lloyd Shaw gives insight into all the Country dances in the USA at the time.

Country Dancing across the USA gained massive popularity following a 1980's hit move starring John Travolta called 'Urban Cowboy'. This movie caused a shift in many nightclub and bars from Disco to Country.  This gave rise to a national and International wave of people learning more about Country.

Country is made up of Couples Couples & Linedance and can be performed by a single couple/individual or by large groups or teams.

Modern Country dance competitions are held across 8 dances, Triple 2, Polka, Nightclub, Cha Cha, Waltz, 2-Step, East Coast Swing & West Coast Swing.

The United Country Western Dance Council, UCWDC are the longest established organisation for Country dancing in the world. They hold their World Championships annually in the first week of January. 
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