Line dancing is a repeating sequence of steps to a specific song.


Linedance has so much to offer an individual dancers.  The opportunity to dance with out a partner is probably its number one asset.  It suits cultures where it is not acceptable for married women to dance with other men. That's why you'll see a lot of Linedancing in Asia. It gives you the chance to practice timing, balance, use of arms, styling and it is all about the footwork.

There are many ideas about how Linedancing started. The Austrian Courts of the 16th Century had many dances that became popular all over Europe.  In more recent times disco dances were also danced to Country songs as Country music was played more in nightclubs and bars.

Linedancer magazine has long been an International resource for dancers all over the world and also holds many different dance sheets and current charts.

Linedancer Magazine


What started out as a monthly printed publication it has recently moved online.




Largest online resource of Linedance step descriptions.



Lee & Fab's Linedances


Learn or download dances choreographed by us.



Have fun go mad

The quintessential linedance.