How to get the most out of your dancing.

Footwear & Clothing

-Flat/low heeled shoes with a smooth sole
-Avoid big earings and rings and bracelets
-Take your watch off for dancing
-Wear comfortable clothing not too baggy underarms
-Bring an extra shirt when the weather is warm


-Shower before coming to class
-Brush your teeth or carry mints
-Wash your hands, carry sanitiser 
-Carry Anti-perperant and use outside of the dance hall
-Avoid using hand cream right before dancing 
-Make sure your hair is dry and is tied as not to hit your partner

Dancing with advanced dancers

-Don't freak out, it's still the same dance
-They are not usually as good as you think
-You don't need advanced moves
-Avoid asking to dance with them to fast songs
-DJ's can fade songs at 3 minutes to get a higher rate partner change.

Social Dancing

-Dance with everyone
-Dont wait to be asked to dance
-Be conscious of others dancing nearby
-The slot usually runs along the longest wall in the room
-Start with simple moves to gauge the partnership