West Coast Swing Workshops

Attend one of our West Coast Swing workshops for a 3 hour session developing your WCS patterns, styling, technique, connection, musicality and more.  We alternate our workshop locations between Enfield, North London and Bigglewade, Bedfordshire.  You are welcome to join as an individual, or come as a group with friends.  We also hold freestyle parties in the evening after heading out for a meal with the attendees.

Our Summer and Christmas social events do not include workshops but include other team building and fun activities such as Table tennis, WCS quiz, BBQ, Pass the parcel, Dodgeball.

You are sure to have a lot of fun with us and you’ll learn plenty of new things to incorporate into your dancing too. Please use the booking options below or email us if you have any questions.


Bigglewiggle, west coast swing, workshop,

2019 Dates
26th January
6th April
3rd August
5th October


west coast swing, advanced, workshop

2019 Dates
27th January
10th March
4th August
3rd November



Bootcamps & Socials

London West Coast Swing Workshops Artwork

2019 Dates
2/3 March – Intensive
5th May – Beginner Bootcamp
30th June – Summer Social
31st August-1st September – Intensive
21st December – Christmas Social