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Lee & Fabienne Easton

Welcome to EastonSwing.com, the digital home of Lee & Fabienne Easton, EastonSwing Classes, Workshops & Events. We have been styling West Coast Swing in the UK for more than 15 years.
We are deeply passionate about West Coast Swing dancing and teaching others how to progress within this dance.  With 20 years of experience teaching in the UK, we have developed methods/techniques to develop a better dancer, faster.

The extensive experience in competitive dancing with much success in Linedance, Country Couples divisions also the Classic Swing division at NASDE events.  Our experiences also extend to all areas of event production, management plus community building.

Our ‘West Coast Swing Notebook’  is an essential guide to anyone learning or developing their West Coast Swing dancing.  The aim is, to build a strong foundation of understanding in West Coast Swing so that you may feel prepared to dance with anyone you meet, anywhere in the world.

You are in some of the best of hands when it comes to learning to dance in the West Coast Swing community.

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Event Services

west coast swing coaching,, Lee & Fabienne Easton from EastonSwing, wearing Red & Blue, standing outside at West in Lyon 2016

Choreo & Coaching

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Lee & Fabienne Easton from EastonSwing, standing in front of a wrought iron gate in Central London