Lee & Fabienne Biography

Read Lee & Fabienne’s Biography and learn more about who they are and where they come from.  Lee & Fab are the owners and principal Instructors at EastonSwing. They are now both based in London, England where they have been dancing together for the last 15 years in West Coast Swing and Country competitions.

Their passion for each other and dance that is clear every time they step on to the dance floor. They move together as one and focus greatly on fluidity and ‘feel’ in their training.

They organise 5 weekly classes making EastonSwing the UK’s foremost West Coast Swing Company, hosting over 250 West Coast Swing classes and events throughout the year. 

In addition to teaching WCS regular classes at home in England. Lee & Fab are also often teaching workshops Internationally and supporting development in many areas of the UK and Europe. Traveling to events all over the world to share and spread their passion for WCS.  Bringing what they see and learn back to their local community, they were also amongst the first World Swing Dance Council event organisers in Europe. 

Lee & Fab Short Bio

Lee & Fab are from London, England.15 years together performing, teaching and traveling the world. They love to dance and show it in everything they do.


From Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK started dancing from a young age taking Ballet, Tap & Jazz. Later as a teenager, she began Hip Hop, Cheerleading & Linedance.  


From Enfield, London, UK started dancing at 15. His Nan took him to a Linedance class and he was hooked immediately.  Lee didn’t look back and soon began competing in Linedance, then Country Couples then soon after focusing on WCS as an individual style.

Together and individually they’ve had great competition success.  Winning the UCWDC Superstar Solo Linedance category. As well as featuring amongst the top Country Couples Masters at UCWDC World Championships and West Coast Swing Classic finalists at US Open Swing Dance Championship contests.

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