West Coast Swing Coaching

Offering West Coast Swing Coaching and Choreography services to dancers all over the world. With our unique blend of personality and training.  If you like our approach to dancing then why not try it out for yourself?

We send out choreography to people via video or work together in person.  Some request competition material, others require Pro-Am or Show routines.  Message us to get a timeframe within which to expect your choreography.  There is also the opportunity to come and train with us. Having regular venues we teach from in London and you can stay in local hotels to spend a few days with us.

Failing that there is a chance to gain West Coast Swing coaching through video, live stream or catch up with us at an event we’re attending where we’d be happy to schedule a coaching session.

We have had 8 years of experience competing at the US Open Swing Dance Championships. as well as 20 years of competing in the UCWDC Line & Country community.  This gives a level of experience that is rarely matched and is part of what we draw upon when coaching you in your dancing.

It’s important to us that you develop your own individual style. Although you’ll be taking on lots of new information from us. We’ll be sure to make sure that you implement it in your own, personal way.  We can offer a lot of insight into competing and performing that will help build a strong confident mindset to carry with you into your performances. With our guidance Learn to enjoy and appreciate your dancing.

Check out our YouTube Channel where you can watch many of our routines and Lead/Follow Performances =)

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