West Coast Swing Services

West Coast Swing services are offered for events and groups looking to consolidate their knowledge and develop their community. Furthermore, let our approach inspire you.

Returning to events and visiting new communities every year with our unique approach to teaching WCS.  Our experience reaches far and wide and we are confident teaching all levels of the community.  Whether your group is made up of beginners.   Equally, also if they’re all Teachers looking for continued professional development. We’d be thrilled to work with them.

In the UK, our groups make up a huge part of the local community and we’ve held regular classes for over 15 years.  Teaching and dancing with our new members every week helps us to stay grounded. Some of our original members are now teaching themselves and achieve many rewards through their dancing through the years.  Our ambition is to offer and support WCS classes in every city in England, improving accessibility and helping to grow WCS to a new level of participation.

Intensives | West Coast Swing Services

Bring one of our Intensives to your region!  We have a selection of topics that we base our Intensives around. If you have an idea outside of what we currently offer then message to discuss how we can align with your vision. 

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