West Coast Swing blog

West Coast Swing blog articles published by EastonSwing and its contributors. Aiming to help you gain key information to aid your further development within the West Coast Swing community.

The WCS community as a whole is a fantastic cross-section of society, from all walks of life. We are constantly amazed by the rich qualities we find present in the large majority of people attracted to WCS.  Also, how many WCS dancers have a background as a high-level dancer of another style as well as being a student of WCS.
WCS has changed the lives of many people in a massively positive way.  Our articles will give you insight into how to achieve the greatest benefits to you as an individual. To connect to others in a way that allows for two personalities to connect within one dance.
WCS is a great metaphor for modern life. Like in life, it takes practice, failure, more practice also hard work to allow any relationship to be successful.  Contact us there is a topic you’d like us to see us talk about.


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