Monday – West Coast Swing, London – Enfield

Monday – West Coast Swing class Enfield, North London, UK. A temporary class format is in place offering a Solo and Fixed couples class. Our Enfield group consists of members from across London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and occasionally, visitors from further afield.

We’re planing to reopen this class from 31st August.  For the near future we’re going to be operating 4-5 week courses that need to be booked in advance.  There will also be a few changes to the schedule class set up and and limited numbers for the evening.

St Pauls Centre is a spacious, high ceilinged venue that has a stage area we use as a second teaching space. All of our groups are really friendly and you’ll soon be making new friends to practice with. Flat/low heeled smooth soled shoes are ideal.  We offer Tea/coffee in the breaks and you are welcome to join at any time.

Entrance is through the Blue door via the car park at the back of the centre and follow the corridor to the Main Hall.  When church car park is full, you may park in the meta switch area and use the intercom if the gate is ever shut to get out after class.


8pm | Solo Class
8.45pm | Break
9 | WCS Class | Fixed partner (Dancers without partners are welcomed to shadow dance to join the class)
9.45pm | Hangout until 10.15pm Social dancing limited to 5 couples at a time


£12 per person per week paid monthly in advance of attendance
(Platinum and Gold members that would like to join the temporary arrangements can have cost deducted from credit.)


St Pauls Centre, 102a Church Street, Enfield, EN2 6AR
(Thursday practice is held at ChristChurch, Enfield, EN2 6NJ)

St Pauls Centre, 102a Church Street, Enfield, EN2 6AR

Weekly Classes & Beginner Courses

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Weekly Classes & Beginner Courses

Enfield Monday | Beginner Course


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