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Zoom with Fab | As we near the date to re-open real-world WCS classes we’re excited that we’ll be able to physically dance together once again.  From 17th May our Monday night, Enfield venue and Tuesdays in Girton, Cambridge will be opening. The plan for Finchley and Northampton is to open from 21st June.

We’re moving the Zoom with Fab classes from 2 to 1 per week that will be held on Thursdays. The class will begin at 7pm and will last for 1 hour. Following the class, there will be time to chat, hang out or review past dances.

If you miss the class, no problem, we’ll keep a recording of each class so we can send it to you if you can’t make the scheduled class.  That way you can still stay current with the group and learn all the new material.

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Zoom Classes with Fab


New to Zoom?

If you haven’t used Zoom yet then follow this youtube video to get yourself all set up on the platform, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEQei3vnEV8

Once you have registered for the class and for Zoom we’ll be in touch to give you the Meeting ID and password which will be renewed each month.

In addition to teaching classes at EastonSwing, we also teach private lessons and courses. Contact us to schedule one.  Classes are for all ages and experience levels.