West Coast Swing Freestyle Parties

Find out about West Coast Swing Freestyle events held across the regions that we teach our classes, London, Cambridge, Northampton & Biggleswade.

We especially encourage our new dancers to attend these freestyles to start getting to know all the faces and practice what you are learning in classes. We understand it can be a little daunting to attend a freestyle in a new dance style. Which is why the first hour of the party is dedicated to you.  Music will be of a suitable tempo and and the beat will be easy to read to help keep your timing.

Everyone there in the first hour will be more than happy to dance with you and help you to build your confidence on your journey within WCS.

Central London

1st Fridays

Enfield, N London

2nd Saturdays

Girton, Cambridge

3rd Fridays

Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

5th Saturdays