London West Coast Swing Freestyle

EastonSwing’s London West Coast Swing Freestyle event is a pop up event that we’ll schedule when we see a gap in the local calendar for a WCS party.  Often held in Enfield, North London but could pop up anywhere in the London district, we hold almost all of these parties on the 2nd Saturday in the month.

The first hour of the Freestyle is dedicated to those that are new to the WCS community and we’ll ensure that all the music is suitable for building confidence in their basic patterns and timing.  Our community are mostly all warm to welcome new dancers and especially in this first hour you should be confident that everyone will want to dance with you, no matter your experience level.

We play a variety of music from the last 100 years to cater to every musical taste and you’ll hear many WCS favourites, New tracks, and some decidedly tricky stuff to dance to towards the latter part of the night.


London West Coast Swing Freestyle


8pm | Music for new WCS dancers
9pm | All your WCS favourite tracks


£12 | Online and on the door


Christchurch Hall
Chase Side

2023 Dates
14th January | Saturday

11th February | Saturday

11th March | Saturday

8th April | Saturday

13th May | Saturday

10th June | Saturday

8th July | Saturday

12th August | Saturday

9th September | Saturday

14th October | Saturday

11th November | Saturday

16th December | Saturday | Christmas Party

Christchurch Hall
Chase Side

If you’re now confident enough to start attending our Freestyle events then it is time to start considering attending one of our weekenders. There are few better ways to accelerate your learning in the WCS community than by attending a weekender where you can be fully immersed into the dance and the development thereof.
Swingivity or Detonation are ideal for your first event. MSO also includes new dancers but has a slightly higher level generally so you might find one of the other events even more inclusive.