West Coast Swing Weekends

EastonSwing have offered West Coast Swing weekends based in hotels since 2008. Detonation in Manchester in April and Midland Swing Open in London in September.  In 2020, to support our WCS Wellness project we will launch Swingivity. Both MSO and Detonation are World Swing Dance Registry events and offer points for competitors in jack & Jill competitions. Swingivity is a purely social event with integrated mental and physical wellbeing.

We invite a selection of the very best Instructors from around the world to offer guidance to the UK community.  Creating a chilled and creative atmosphere within which you can feel relaxed to enjoy yourself in our event experience.

Our events

Detonation is a little more relaxed than Midland Swing Open, but both are huge parties.  Offering Newcomer & Masters J&J’s at Detonation whilst MSO offers Routine divisions for Rising Star Tour and ProAm Couples.

Swingivity is the latest addition to our annual program and is a Social WCS weekend with integrated mental and physical wellbeing.

The EastonSwing Intensive & Teacher Training is the latest addition to our schedule and is a 2 day intensive workshop event with a freestyle held Saturday night.

We make sure of a fun and friendly atmosphere within which our members can relax and enjoy themselves whilst learning and practicing WCS.

Our West Coast Swing weekends attract dancers from across the UK as well as International dancers that love the UK event vibe. Click on the Logos above to learn more  about each event.  We hope that you might join us at one or even all of them.

EastonSwing Gold & Platinum members receive up to 30% discount on all events. Click on artwork to see more information.

west coast swing training, a woman standing with her arms around a mans shoulders
Detonation Dance, Red & Black Event artwork and logo, above 3 photos depicting Male and female West Coast Swing dancers
White Background, ash black border, event logog
6 photos of couples dancing West Coast swing above a photo of a filled floor of dancers with the MSO event backdrop