Detonation Dance

24th-26th April 2020

Our springtime west coast swing event held last weekend of April in Manchester. Detonation Dance is perfect for dancers that want try out a WCS weekender for the first time. It has a very casual and inclusive feel and is amongst the best events for new West Coast Swing dancers.

We offer 2 different ‘All level’ tracks. the ignition track is more technique based and the ‘Shockwave’ track is more general, (you should think moves, musicality, styling). Level 4 workshops do require Intermediate WSDC points to attend which is consistent with many international events.

We put an emphasis on having fun and getting involved. There are a number of games and contests throughout the weekend. Some dance based some not.

EastonSwing Gold & Platinum members or those with attendance above 70% can receive a 30% discount on the event.


Detonation Dance, Red & Black Event artwork and logo, above 3 photos depicting Male and female West Coast Swing dancers

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Detonation Dance – Dates of Price Increase.

Super bird until January 1st December Earlybird until March 8th Full price until the event. No refunds available after March 31st 2020. Credit may be available for future events.

What to do now…

Make sure you have travel plans, room mates, a spot in the workshops.  Look on our Facebook page of the Saturday Night Theme Poll.  As the event approaches check out the event schedule and start planning the weekend’ activities.