Midland Swing Open

24th – 27th September 2020

Midland Swing Open is the longest running, World Swing Dance Council (WSDC), hotel based West Coast swing event in Europe. In 2008, Paul Harris, Lee & Fabienne Easton . Since then MSO has been at the forefront of global West Coast Swing events.

12 years of MSO

This year Midlands is celebrating it’s 12th year anniversary, In that time the event has moved form Northampton, to Birmingham, briefly to Manchester and is now based in the London Heathrow area.  Ideally we would love to continue to hold MSO in the midlands but the options for hotel space declined so moving to London really was our only option.


We highlight competition at Midlands. Offering routine divisions for Showcase & Classic dancers. In 2018 MSO joined the Rising Star Tour offering a platform for the next generation of WCS routine dancers.  We hold Strictly Swing division and all WSDC J&J divisions.  We also hold an Invitational J&J spectacle on Sunday afternoon featuring our Staff members for the weekend.

Our Staff at Midland Swing Open, who will also showcase their talents on Saturday night in a show of improvised performances are made of WCS Instructors from all over the world. The Saturday night Pro show is truly the highlight of the event and something that every West Coast Sing dancers can take inspiration from.

Beginners encouraged

We have something for everyone at MSO… we offer a Level 2 and 3 workshop track that anyone confident in their 5 basic moves and attending freestyles regularly should be confident in attending.  Social dance parties Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday night go on until breakfast.

EastonSwing regulars can receive a big discount on our weekend events.  If you maintain a 70% attendance or higher you qualify for the discount. Ask at class or by email about the promotion.


6 photos of couples dancing West Coast swing above a photo of a filled floor of dancers with the MSO event backdrop

Click to register at www.MidlandSwingOpen.com