Swingivity | 7th-9th August 2020 | Northampton Hilton Hotel

Swingivity events are focal points of a much larger West Coast Swing Wellness project that EastonSwing is right at the heart of.  Working to increase wellness within the WCS community by integrating mental and physical wellbeing into social WCS weekend experience.

Swingivity UK 2020 is our inaugural event and we are so excited to be bringing this idea to fruition.  In addition to, 3 nights of amazing social WCS dancing and workshops to develop your dance knowledge. There will be Pilates, Yoga, Mindset, Core training, Flexibility workshops. Massage and Reiki treatment options.  Group discussions, therapy and confidence building exercises.  Many of our Staff will be available for 1-2-1 sessions if requested. If you’d like to have therapy as a couple then we also have that opportunity.


Within the Northampton Hilton Hotel we have 2 main spaces for workshops and a further 5 rooms available for treatments.  There are great fitness, swimming, steam room, whirlpool and sauna sections that were a big part of why we decide upon the hotel. We have a discounted rate for event guests and also have dining options included for guests that would rather not have to make any decisions on what to eat.

For the event, there are SuperBird, until 1st February 2020 and Earlybird, until 15th June, promotions running. EastonSwing Gold and Platinum members receive 30% discount on all of our weekend events.


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Click to register at www.Swingivity.com

The idea

West Coast Swing and the lessons that it has taught us has had such a profound impact in the quality if our lives.  The people we meet in the community continuously inspire and educate us to become improved versions of ourselves.  Whether through the mindfulness of their teaching or the fitness and diet regimen to avoid injury and stay in top shape.  The goal of our WCS wellness project is to highlighting the behavioural patterns and attitudes that are essential to being a Top WCS dancer and showing you how you yourself can bring these qualities into your life and dancing.

It is also incredibly important to be aware of what other people could potentially going through. We don’t mean to be nosy, but mean that you really look your partner in the eye and see what is going on before you lead that ‘move’ or try that footwork variation.  Hear our thoughts on many subjects of WCS that are rarely discussed and become a much more mindful WCS dancer.