West Coast Swing Intensive & Teacher Training

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WCS Intensive

An 8 hour West Coast Swing Intensive weekend is our latest addition to the EastonSwing schedule.  We will also incorporate an additional 4h Teacher training. This coincides with the launch of the EastonSwing Teachers certificate for West Coast Swing Instructors looking to gain methodology, experience and confidence.

Spread across Saturday and Sunday, each day having 4-6 hours of tuition and practice with an open freestyle party Saturday night.  You should already be confident with your 5 basic patterns and be attending freestyle regularly to feel comfortable with the level of tuition. We will limit the number of balanced couples attending to 15 couples and 6 instructors. The Intensive course will include 4, 2 hour sections,

2-4pm | Core Concepts
4-6pm | Level 2 Material & Techniques
6-8 | Teacher Training 1


11-1pm | Musicality
1.30-3.30pm | Level 3 Material & Techniques
3.30-5pm | Assisted practice
4-6pm | Teacher Training 2

Cost –

£52 | Saturday Only 4h Level 2 WCS Intensive
£104 | WCS Intensive
£125 | 4h Teacher Training & 8h WCS Intensive
£151.80 4h Teacher Training, Exam & 8h WCS Intensive


Christchurch United Reformed Hall, Chase Side, Enfield, EN2 6NJ


Christchurch United Reformed Hall, Chase Side, Enfield, EN2 6NJ

West Coast Swing Teacher Training

In addition to the 8h WCS Intensive, we will offer another 4h of tuition geared specifically to the development of becoming or reconfirming what you know as a West Coast Swing Teacher/Instructor.  The teachers course will be split into 2, 2 hour blocks, one on each day after the Intensive workshops.

Saturday – 5-7pm – Where to start, methodology & terminology

Sunday – 4-6pm – Class annunciation, building & adapting

After the course concludes on Sunday there will be the chance for a limited number to take a 30 minute exam plus 15 minute feedback session to become certified as an EastonSwing West Coast Swing Level 1&2 Instructor.

The exam will be made up of 2 parts. a written theory and practical dance test.  To gain certification with a  complete pass a score of 90% or higher is required.  Applicants scoring 70-89% will receive a ‘provisional pass’ which will require further review classes to gain certificate.  Those scoring below 70% will be invited to retest at another time.