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West Coast Swing is a modern Swing dance with traditional roots. It allows for two people to improvise whilst dancing together. Plus, you can also dance WCS to many different musical genres, these 2 factors help to make WCS such an appealing dance style.

WCS has roots in early Jazz, Swing and Blues. Like these music styles it has evolved with the trends in culture and continues to grow ever more popular.

Dancers from Tango, Latin, Ballroom, Salsa, Lindy Hop, Country, Modern Jive, Kizomba and Zouk are drawn to the talent that is on display at WCS events. This aides with enrichment of the WCS community which is full of Pro’s from other communities seeking for a new challenge.

Why choose us?

If you are looking to learn WCS then we recommend that you either join one of our group classes or follow one of our subscriptions. Not only will you learn your basic steps and the principals of Leading or Following but you’ll also make friends for life and have fun learning something new.

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Lee & Fab

Lee and Fabienne Easton operate the UK’s foremost West coast swing company. Instructing beginner to advanced WCS classes, workshops and organising weekend events.

We operate over 200 events in venues across the London, Herts, Beds, Essex and Northants. Moreover, whether you are brand new to dancing, or an avid WCS enthusiast we are here to help you find your way in the WCS community.
WCS is a dance born from Lindy Hop, made in California, and now, has spread all over the world.  It is a dance that allows for two people to improvise whilst dancing together and can be danced to Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, EDM and Acoustic music plus more…
With a background in dance that reaches far and wide from Country to Hip Hop, Ballet to Ballroom. We have a unique style and approach that we focus to great effect when teaching West Coast Swing. Our passion for dancing is clear anytime we step onto the floor and look forward to giving you the tools you’ll need to enjoy dancing as much as we do.

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