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West Coast Swing is a modern Swing dance that also maintains its traditional roots. It is probably the most fun dance on the planet.

In contrast to many other dances, it allows for two people to improvise whilst still dancing together. Also, you can dance WCS to many different musical genres, these 2 factors help to make WCS such an appealing dance style to get into.

Furthermore, WCS has roots in early Jazz, Swing and Blues. Similarly to these music styles, the dance has evolved with the trends in culture and continues to grow ever more popular.

You can do it… you CAN learn West Coast Swing!

WCS can look terribly difficult, but if you have the right information and instruction, it is quite possible for anyone to get good at dancing WCS.  Whilst showing you the steps and techniques required to learn WCS, be assured that our team are also here to support you on your journey and build your confidence through education and sharing their experiences. ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’ – Theodore Roosevelt

Why choose to learn West Coast Swing with us?

For a focused, structured approach to the foundations of learning WCS, we welcome you to join one of our Weekly Classes and follow our Subscriptions and Foundation Courses. WCS is a fantastic community of people from all walks of life, from all over the world that connect on a human level through WCS dancing.  You’ll also make friends for life and have fun learning something new whilst improving your health, wellness and lifestyle.  We are all better for having WCS and the values it teaches us in our lives.

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Lee & Fab

Lee and Fabienne Easton so enjoy dancing and promoting WCS.They have been teaching for more than 20 years and have a wide experience across the dance spectrum. Leading Beginner to Advanced WCS classes, workshops and also holding weekend events.

They operate more than 200 events across London, Herts, Beds, Essex and Northants, consequently making EastonSwing the largest WCS company in the UK. Lee and Fab also undertake many International engagements teaching and also performing WCS.

Moreover, whether you are brand new to dancing, or an avid WCS enthusiast we are here to help you find your way in the UKWCS community and beyond.

WCS is a dance born from Lindy Hop, made in California, and has now almost spread all over the world.  It is a dance that encourages individuals to develop their own style and can be danced to Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, EDM, Acoustic  and even more…
Due to having a background in dance that reaches far and wide, from Country to Hip Hop, Ballet to Ballroom. Lee & Fab have unique approach to teaching dance that can easily be transferred to new WCS dancers. Our passion for dancing is clear at every level of our classes, even more so when we dance together.  We, above all, look forward to giving you the tools you’ll need to enjoy dancing as much as we do.

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