World Swing Dance Council Events

World Swing Dance Council Registry events have been held in the UK since 2009. Midland Swing Open launched that year and Detonation followed in 2012.   In 2024, we launch our newest event, Flowstate, in Central London, which will be a WSDC Trial event.  At all of our events you should expect there to be amazing workshops, all night dance parties, incredible performances.  You’ll have a great time for sure!

Midland Swing Open | London, UK
26-30 September 2024


Flowstate | London, UK
8-10 November 2024


Detonation Dance | Manchester, UK
24-28 April 2025


World Swing Dance Council events are held all across the world. Our first experiences were attending Boogie by the Bay, Swing Diego and the US Open, all held in California, USA.  Immediately, we knew that we wanted to grow a community of West Coast Swing dancers in the UK and host events to share the experiences that we had had in the US.  The Hotel style of event was not yet the norm for events outside of North America but we felt that it was essential for the full experience to hold the event within hotels with conference space. Leading WCS professionals are always in attendance at our events. Instructors from the US and Europe that bring phenomenal experience and talent making for incredible workshops and shows.  

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