West Coast Swing Enfield. Photo depicting dancers enjoying themselves dancing West Coast Swing. With Embolded white text overlayed explaining the location for classes and socials.

Enfield West Coast Swing, London

Enfield West Coast Swing is our weekly practice night.  Holding private lessons and playing music for practice.

For new dancers wanting to learn West Coast Swing there is a class held from 7pm where you will learn the basic patterns.  Lee Easton will be the Primary teacher.

Class on Hiatus til after the Summer 2024 – Private tuition still available

Contact Us to enquire about availability or to schedule a lesson.


6.45 | Doors open
7-8pm | Level 1 & 2 Class
8-10 | Music played for practice and private lessons


ChristChurch Hall
Chase Side


Weekly Classes

Enfield Thursdays


Private Lessons
£50 | 60-minute lesson with Assistant Instructor
£80 | 60-minute lesson with Lead Instructor
£100 | 60-minute lesson with Principal Instructor

30-minute lessons are available upon request. Part of your charge contributes to the room hire.  Subscriber discount does not apply to this night.

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