West Coast Swing Enfield. Photo depicting dancers enjoying themselves dancing West Coast Swing. With Embolded white text overlayed explaining the location for classes and socials.

Enfield West Coast Swing, London

Enfield West Coast Swing is being reinvented as a practice night now held on Thursdays.  Geared toward existing dancers who are looking for a space to practice what they are learning in classes.  The practice night will be hosted by Vicky Vasiliauskaite, who will DJ and help facilitate the night.  

This night will also feature the chance to take private lessons with a multitude of Instructors. Our Assistant Instructors are available to help newer dancers find their feet in WCS. Leaving our Lead Instructors available to cater to our regular students. Please check before attending as this is not a regular group class night.

Contact Us to enquire about availability or to schedule a lesson.


6.30-9.30 | Music played for practice and private lessons


£10 | Practice Night (When not taking a lesson)
£50 | 60-minute lesson with Assistant Instructor
£80 | 60-minute lesson with Lead Instructor
£100 | 60-minute lesson with Principal Instructor

30-minute lessons are available upon request. Part of your charge contributes to the room hire.

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West Coast Swing Enfield was the first region where we held a weekly class, it started in 2008.  The class started at Oakwood, Trent Park Golf Club, held on Mondays, when Lee got chatting with a local Salsa promoter Maria Chetcuti. They ran the class for a year before Maria focused more on Salsa leaving us without a promoter.  Mike Rosa was our partner briefly under the DanceSwingUK banner before we formed EastonSwing Ltd in 2012 and have been operating our own company and events ever since.