EastonSwing Schedule

EastonSwing Schedule has all of our class, workshop and event dates. Our west coast swing venues are in Biggleswade, Cambridge, Enfield, Finchley and Northampton. Slough/Windsor, Northampton and Manchester are the regions for our weekender events. We have dancers travelling from all over the country for our Workshops.

Our Intensives and weekend events are great chances to really connect to the International dance communities. It also shows other events where you will find Lee & Fabienne in attendance. SwingClub card calendar is below, for events in the London area.

SwingClub Card Members
WCSUK – Catriona Wiles
SwingAcademyUK – Coleen Man
WCSLondon – Kevin Flynn

Class – A night of multiple West Coast Swing lessons and freestyle practice time.
Beginner Bootcamp – 3 hour event focused on Level 1 & 2 West Coast Swing.
Biggleswiggle – 10 hour event suitable for Level 2 and above with freestyle party.
Advanced Workshop – 3 hour workshop event for fixed couples.
London Freestyle Party – 4 hour Freestyle event
Intensive – 2 day Intensive 8h WCS workshop with Freestyle Party
Weekenders – 3 or 4 day events based in hotels, both social and competition events.

If there is no WCS in your area then please get in touch with us so that we can help you to start developing one. We can offer support in many ways, by possibly coming over for a workshop or in the least, guide you towards great WCS resources.