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Midland Swing Open 2024 – WSDC Registry Event

Midland Swing Open | 15th Edition | West Coast Swing Spectacular
26th-30th September 2024 | London Heathrow T5, UK

Midland Swing Open Highlights

900 Capacity
6 workshop levels across 3 rooms
2 rooms for parties
World Swing Dance Council Registry Event
Classic, Showcase, Risingstar & Pro Am divisions
International Discounts
Advanced & Allstar Discounts
Routine & Junior Discounts
Rising Star Tour member event
Zero to Hero track

UK’s Biggest West Coast Swing event!!!!


Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
Ben Morris & Victoria Henk
Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin
Olivier & Virginie Massart
Paul Warden & Coleen Man
Steve & Kate Hall
Miguel Ortega & Maina Vila Cobarsi
Lee & Fabienne Easton
Naomi Hulbert
Lauren Jones
Leo Lorenzo
James Bartlett
Justin Petersen
Andreas Kasper
Affinity Swing

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