West Coast Swing Events

EastonSwing offer West Coast Swing Events in addition to our Weekly class program, making WCS more accessible to those that can’t make it out on a weeknight due to work and family commitments.  Workshops, Intensives, Freestyles & Weekenders that bring the UK West Coast Swing community together for a fun development experience, dancing with us and your fellow community members.

You will see a levelled system in place at many of our workshops and events that flows like this.
Level 1 – Starter, Level 2 – Newcomer, Level 3 – Novice, Level 4 – Intermediate, – Level 5 Advanced.
Check which workshops and events are appropriate for your level before attending, we are always happy to answer your questions at classes or by email/message.

West Coast Swing Events

Intensive + Teacher Training

Dates TBC

west coast swing training, a woman standing with her arms around a mans shoulders

We make sure of a fun and friendly atmosphere within which our members can relax and enjoy themselves whilst learning and practicing WCS.  Providing the opportunity to continue to grow yourself and your dancing is the ultimate goal of our events.  Creating a fully immersive West Coast Swing experience which allows you to connect further to the people that you meet in the community.

Our events bring together dancers from all over the UK, cementing the foundations of the regional community. You will often see us using having many UK teachers and dancers in attendance our weekenders. We are also so happy that we gain the full support of the UK community and have so many local dancers returning each year.

EastonSwing Gold & Platinum members receive up to 30% discount on all events in addition to weekly classes and online subscriptions.  We also offer the opportunity to organise a group of at least 8 from your club or region and reciveve a special discount that would be redeemed via a coupon at the event website.