Detonation Dance

26th-28th April 2019

Is our springtime west coast swing weekend event held last weekend of April in Manchester.  This event is perfect for dancers that want try out an event for the first time.  It has a very casual feel to the whole thing and is probably the most encouraging event in the UK for new West Coast Swing dancers.

Workshops on offer are at 3 different levels, with levels 2 & 3 being open to all. Level 4 workshops do require Intermediate WSDC points to attend which is consistent with many international events. However, some UK events scale up there levels and allow beginners into their Level 5, that's just simply madness and gives dancerse the wrong idea of where they fit into the grand scheme of things.

We do hold Jack Jill competitions at Detonation, in fact thats all we do is have many different opportunities for you to dance in this style of competition.  All Level Jack & Jill, WSDC Jack & Jill, Jill & Jack, Switch to give many people the chance to dance many times.

EastonSwing regulars can receive a big discount on our weekend events.  If you maintain a 70% attendance or higher you qualify for the discount. Ask at class or by email about the promotion.

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