West Coast Swing Classes

Taking West Coast Swing classes is the social way to begin learning this stretchy contemporary style of swing dancing. For that reason we encourage you to join one of our group classes in London, Cambridge or Northampton. 

You’ll make new friends who will be encouraging as you develop as a WCS dancer while dancing your way to happier, healthier lifestyle. At class 3 lessons with breaks for social dancing during and after.

You don’t need a partner and low heeled, smooth soled shoes are best to start with. You may join at any time.

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a photograph of people dancing West Coast Swing with a Blue filter overlaid and text regarding a weekly class in enfield, london on mondays



a photograph of people dancing West Coast Swing with a yellow filter overlaid and text regarding a weekly class in northampton on wednesdays


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More info…

Monday is our longest running class and has run in North London on Monday nights for 12 years. Paul Harris passed on his Wednesday group in Northampton when he emigrated to the US in 2011. In 2017 Mary Pearson invited us to become the instructors of West Coast Swing Cambridge. In 2019, Kevin Flynn is having to step back from teaching in Finchley which has made us the largest West Coast Swing Company in the UK.  

Our venues are across North London, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire with dancers travelling from Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk and further afield. They are ideal for beginner dancers, our classes have many beginners and experienced dancers that can help welcome you into the community and pick up all the vital techniques that much faster.  

In 2019 we are trialling a new structure for our West Coast Swing classes that will begin with our more difficult material at the start of the night, what we call our ‘Progressive’ class.  Followed by the ‘Basics’ class and we hold an ‘Improvers’ level class too. Classes will be 30 minutes each and will allow for more social dance and practice time through the course of the evening.

We will play music of many styles of music and with various rhythms and tempos during the classes. As well as, hold a freestyle period after class to continue practice or just forget everything and have some fun getting into the groove.

Our groups are all really friendly and it wont take long before you know everyone and are dancing all night. You might even recognise a few faces as many of our members have a background in many other UK styles of dancing.

Come rain or shine…

We hold West Coast Swing Classes 45/46 weeks in the year so you can depend on us being there teaching you every week. On the odd occasion we are abroad we have cover from some of the best UK WCS instructors available.  

We reward regular members with 20-30% discount on classes, workshops & events when pre-booking. There are  literally hundreds of pounds of savings when becoming an EastonSwing Gold or Platinum member over a 12 month period.  Attendance is directly aligned with progress, our most improved members are always our most regular attendees.  

If you are on social media then we should get connected, especially at our Facebook and Youtube platforms where we have a constant feed of updates, videos, articles and blogs relating to West Coast Swing.

How long before I’ll be good at West Coast Swing?

Is a question often asked by new dancers, to which, the answer is simple, it is up to you. It will depend on your natural ability/coordination balanced with regular practice and dedication to improvement.

But, being, or getting good, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have more fun.  In fact, in some cases quite the opposite. So we recommend that you focus on learning how to have fun and you’ll enjoy WCS much more for much longer.

Do you offer private tuition for West Coast Swing?

Yes, we offer private tuition for WCS dancers in the time before our class nights or there are options for daytime midweek lessons and occasional Sunday evenings. Contact us to enquire about booking.