West Coast Swing Bootcamp Workshop

Level 1 & 2 West Coast Swing Bootcamp workshops in Enfield,  London. Our Beginner Bootcamp workshops are the perfect way to get be introduced to WCS. You will learn the basic patterns and concepts at a measured pace so that you feel like you can actually catch your breath and understand what you’re learning.

These workshops are ideal for anyone wanting to get all of their WCS basics in one session who possibly can’t make it out on a weeknight to one of our weekly classes. Or, you are in need of consolidating what you have learnt in a 6-week course to see how far you have already come.

What you’ll be learning at the Bootcamp (Brand New dancers)
3 Basic rhythm units | 3 Core pattern concepts | 8 Level 1 Patterns | Lead/Follow techniques | Basic Musicality (Timing & Pulse)

If you have already done a few classes (Beginners)
We’ll begin to show you how to build on your basic moves and start growing your confidence in social dance abilities.

Bringing 20 years of experience from the dance community, there is no better way to learn your first steps in WCS than with us guiding you all along the way.

Times –

1pm-3pm | Workshop & Practice time

Cost (Increases 7 days before event)

£25/£20 | per person


Christchurch United Reformed Hall, Chase Side, Enfield, EN2 6NJ

2023 Dates

10th September | Sunday
15th October | Sunday
12th November | Sunday


Christchurch United Reformed Hall, Chase Side, Enfield, EN2 6NJ


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